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I’ve recently applied for a Product Designer position in a company, and rather than having an enormous boring time-consuming form, they simply asked for my personal details, a link to my resume, and a question.

I have to recognize the user experience is simply neat, when you’re looking for opportunities online as a remote worker, filling tedious forms is not-ok. Doing it one time would be fine, but doing it twenty times, is really, really, really not fun at all.

“What would working with “X” mean to you?”

I’m calling the company “X” because it doesn’t matter who they actually are. And for the purpose of this post, it’s better for you to swap the X for your company’s name.

But the question really touched a fiber and inspired me to be honest with my answer.

Before applying for the position, I went through their website, read about who they say they are, what they’ve been doing, etc. Just the regular homework you should do when you’re applying for a job. The thing is that pretty much every other company says the same, every company’s mission and vision, are a combination of The Olympic Games, McDonalds, Wan-To-Change-The-World/Make-The-World-A-Better-Place kind of thing. The difference about these guys, is they actually look like they’re THAT unicorn.

So Instead of writing what I thought they would like to read, I just went “all in” and wrote a honest, – may be too honest – answer.


Because “the job” is a place where we spend most of the time of our lives, and “it’s bad enough that they even pay you to do it”, but it shouldn’t be like that.

It should be some “place” where we want to be, not a place where we’re forced to be. I know this sounds like a neo-hippie-idealistic-utopic -millenial- thing but I, just, don’t, care.

A lot of people waste their life working for companies they don’t give AF about, and these companies treat them like numbers. “If John spends less than what produces, John is fine”.

No, John, you should work in a place that motivates you to be something better than your yesterday’s self, not just a number that wants a paycheck.

I’m in that point of my career where I want to work in a company where people matters, where I can take juice out of a rock for us, because it’s so motivational to work with this team, that I can simply do it.

So, without any further tedious words, here is my answer:

“Honestly, I can’t tell what working with X will mean to me.

But what I can do, is tell you what I’m looking in the people I would like to work with.

I would like to work with people that apprehends the word “team” and understands that collaboration is at all levels better than a single-person effort. For me, team is not just a word that is nice to say at every possible work interview. Team is more important than any individual, and every individual is important to make a Team as successful as possible. We’re all good at something, and not-that-good at something else, and that’s where the Team effort succeeds, when we all understand our flaws and strengths and work up and onward from that, with honesty, respect and love.

I’d like to work in an environment where learning new things is more important than being right. A place where “being wrong” doing your job is understood as the milestone that will take us to new insights and better solutions, better selves.

Where ideas are the brut-bulletproof-jewel that fuels the daily engine that makes the entire workplace go through every possible problem and solve it creatively.

I want to work for a company that cares about their people, understands that this people are the key factor for success, and pushes them to become better every day, professionally and humanly.

I want to build products with a team of people that is creative, supportive and is willing to run the “extra mile” for their teammates without hesitation.

I want to work in a place where honesty, respect, and love are part of the day-to-day basis.

Yes, I’m idealistic and utopian as it sounds.

If this looks like X, I would love to have a chance to work with X’s people.

I know this went long, and I’m sorry for that, today it’s spring in Montevideo, and your question got me inspired.”

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