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The Cerro of Montevideo
The Cerro of Montevideo

I am from the south, from a very tiny piece of land disputed by different empires in the early ages of conquers. We’re surrounded by enormous nations that can arbitrarily define our future. Even so, we’re still standing.

I’m an Oriental, there’s no English word that translates my nationality better than Uruguayan, but that’s not quite right, I’m an Oriental by birth, from the Republica Oriental del Uruguay.

I grew up in a middle-class family and I inherited the key values that made me who I am today. Friendship, fellowship, community, honesty, respect, accountability, and hard work. Nobody gave us anything for free, and we as a family, learnt that working hard for our goals is the best path we could take. We survived a couple of economic crisis, and we all grew together, bonding together  stronger than before.

It’s not easy for me to write about what I can do in a professional role. I have a broad project profile that involves many qualifications. My growth is based in natural curiosity.  

My passion for design and arts began when I was a kid. My mother instilled in me an appreciation for the arts and literature. Over the years,  my personal interests moved to design. I started making my  way in the design world with experience, courses, studies, and a lot of failures (which taught me the most).

I’m an unknown, but I’m still standing.

I have a keen and intuitive sense of aesthetics and communication. I can quickly determine the most important parts of a communication piece and make it work for the audience. I intuitively look for creative solutions to complex problems. For example, where do you dry your clothes when it’s raining outside if you don’t have a clothes dryer. (It’s a bit strange, but it’s a problem where design can be an important factor.)

I am always reviewing design in the real world. I question chairs, tables, furniture, the packaging of products, city buses, cars parking strategies, etc. I always look to see if real-world design meets my standard of best practices and best efforts – can something be improved, and how?.

In my  perspective,  Things should be both beautiful and functional. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work.

As I grew up and “Design”became a job instead of a hobby, my interest in brands became deeper. I studied more about brands and how they work in people minds: what stimuli to use, which words apply, and which words not to use.

With this process, I can say that brand building and creativity are two of the things I do best.

I worked as a creative influencer and designer for many agencies and companies, locally  and abroad, remote and on-site. My curiosity and sense of survival drove me to enhance my knowledge in technological design areas  while I did creative works for important brands and agencies. For example, I learnt to code in order to become fit for modern positions.

I can say that I can write HTML and CSS as well as any other top notch professional, and I’m always current in the full-stack environment.

I develop my daily routine using in Linux via terminal and commands tools such as Vagrant, Composer, Git, .php, Javascript,  Drupal, Wordpress, and many others that I have needed for specific cases.

My area of expertise is design. I’m bold at it, I feel confident designing and thinking up ideas on how design can help provide people and brands with solutions to any problem. It’s what I love doing. Design is not a “job” for me. (But don’t let them know I’d do it for free.)

I started my University career as a Computer Science student, so it isn’t just a passing phase for me. Even though I didn’t complete it, I was still able to teach at a local university, with more than 180 students every month in five different classes, learning Full Stack development. My CS career is certainly one of my big to-do’s.

I’ve written simple snippets since I was younger, but it’s not my strongest area. There are thousands of coders that can beat me in a blink, but I know how to do it. I like doing it, and I’m always learning new things about coding. It’s very interesting and challenging, keeps my brain fresh and myself out of the comfort zone.

Teams are an important part of my career. . Success by  a single person can’t be shared, but success by a team is something beautiful and embracing. I think the best things in our life have always been created by a team of people willing to achieve a difficult goal, willing to run that extra mile, rolling up their sleeves and understanding that each individual is strong, but none are as strong as what they’re together.

I’ve had plenty of managers in my professional life. Every learnt something from every single one of them. Some of them were strong leaders that made you feel important and had you give the “best” you had in yourself, whether making a creative campaign outstanding or just by making you learn a new skill. They lead a team by example, with honesty and by standing for something. Those are the managers I’ll always want by my side. Others were simply managers organizing your time and tasks. And others still were micromanagers that were always “right”, with no ability whatsoever to deal with people and seems their daily routine is to feel  bigger by making you smaller.

These last type of managers are very important in my career. These managers taught me what  not to do to others. I sometimes think that is more important than knowing exactly what to do.

From my experience as a teacher, I can honestly say that you’ll never know all the answers. Students are much more fond of teachers that work with them to find a solution than to those who say that they “know everything”. Like any other human being, like any other micromanager.

I’ve survived them all, and here I stand.

I’m always willing to work with any people from any region. The cultural mixture is what really makes the world a better place. When we understand that other people are no different than ourselves, that their story is similar to our own,  and that they also have ups and downs like any other human being, everything works better.

As I said before, I come from the south.  I’m the grandchild of immigrants that came to this tiny piece of land, looking for a brighter future to raise their children in peace and love. They were embraced by the locals who were also  once immigrants, and they grew all in one community to built our country.

We as a nation are a mixture of cultures and experiences, we had and will continue to have our ups and downs. We learn from our past successes and failures. We try and work hard to make our tomorrow brighter than our yesterday, and here we stand.

That’s who I am, and I’m still standing, better than I ever did.

Thanks for reading.


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