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CREATIVE Designer & web developer

I’m a person that lives with one foot in logic and one foot in creative thought, always eager to creatively solve logical problems. A swiss-army-knife rooted in the arts, a BA in Humanites and out-of-the-box ideas.



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Nacho Iglesias

I have a keen and intuitive sense of aesthetics and communication. I can quickly determine the most important parts of a communication piece and make it work for the audience. I intuitively look for creative solutions to complex problems.
I am always reviewing design in the real world. I question chairs, tables, furniture, the packaging of products, city buses, cars parking strategies, etc. I always look to see if real-world design meets my standard of best practices and best efforts – can something be improved, and how?.

I worked as a creative influencer and designer for many agencies and companies, locally  and abroad, remote and on-site. My curiosity and sense of survival drove me to enhance my knowledge in technological design areas.

I can write HTML and CSS as well as any other top notch professional, and I’m always current in the full-stack environment. I develop my daily routine using in Linux via terminal and commands tools such as Vagrant, Composer, Git, php, Javascript,  Drupal, WordPress, and many others that I have needed for specific cases.


A simple and quick walk through my work experience and education

Since 2003

Creative Web Consultant

Freelance (Worldwide)

2003 – 2006

Web Designer

Grupo Marineda (Galicia, Spain)


Web Designer

Live Interactive (Montevideo, Uruguay)

2006 – 2008

Web & Graphic Designer

Mansef Entertainment (Montreal, Canada)


Web & Graphic Designer

InvertRed (Barcelona, Spain)

2008 – 2011

Web & Graphic Designer

WhyZoom (North Carolina, USA)

2011 – 2016

FullStack Professor

Work University (Montevideo, Uruguay)

2012 – 2013

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Verne (Montevideo, Uruguay)

2013 – 2014

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Creo (Montevideo, Uruguay)

2014 – 2015

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Trafilea (Montevideo, Uruguay)

2015 – 2018

Lead Designer & Jr. Web Developer

Percona (North Carolina, USA)

2018 – Present

Lead Designer & Jr. Web Developer

GridGain Systems (California, USA)



University of Michigan (EdX)



W3C Schools (EdX)

FrontEnd Developer



BackEnd Developer



Website Designer

1 Year Course


Advertisement Creative

1 Year Course


Computer Science


INET  (Uruguay)



Bauzá (Uruguay)


1 Year Course

Culture House


First Certificate

Cambridge University


A few reviews that can be found in my LinkedIn profile

Ignacio is an extremely skilled graphic designer and web developer. He’s highly creative, with a strong understanding of branding and how to take technical concepts and create easy-to-understand images and graphics that quickly explain ideas. He consistently found creative ways to support strategic initiatives and drive significant traffic and leads through the corporate website properties. Always eager to learn, he continued to expand his skills with new programs and techniques, in addition to focusing on learning more about marketing and business strategies. He was an invaluable member of the marketing team, and a pleasure to work with. He’d be an asset to any organization.

Laurie Coffin

Senior Marketing Executive

Ignacio was a key member of my Marketing team at Percona. Hired as a web master, he quickly proved to be a very strong creative designer, web developer and graphics specialist. In a start up environment a person like Ignacio is invaluable because day to day, you never really know what skills set you’ll need and you can’t hire specifically for each and every one. When we were in doubt, we would just ask Ignacio. I don’t think he ever said “no”. That’s not to say he knew how to do it at the time- he just figured it out. Worth noting that he did all of this as a remote employee. I’ve seen a few cases where a remote person in a creative role can take advantage not being under direct supervision. However “Nacho” proved time and again to be as productive as he was creative, often working late and over weekends when we piled on a full week’s worth of design work on top of his already demanding web master responsibilities (we updated the site daily). Ignacio is someone I work with again without hesitation.

Jim Doherty

Chief Revenue Officer

I’ve worked with Ignacio as both a web designer and graphic designer. In both cases, I found his work to be strong, creative, and prompt. He makes the leap from concept to presentation intuitively, and has many good suggestions for solving issues as they come up. He has an excellent mastery of the tools needed to succeed in both areas, and many times went to lengths to learn something out of his comfort zone in order to satisfy requests. I continue to use and recommend Ignacio as a resource. I highly recommend him for any opportunity.

David Avery

Director of Content

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